District Director - Cathy Knapp
 I am a mother of 4, 3 boys and 1 girl. They are adults now and have given me 5 beautiful grandchildren. Although I was in the PTA while my children were in school; I didn't become really involved until about 3 years ago when my two oldest grandchildren started school. I started as chair for some of the events then went to Treasurer for the past two years. Currently I am serving as Assistant District Director with the Fredericksburg District PTA and the Treasurer/Secretary for the King George Council. Even though my children have changed schools I am still involved with their former schools PTA.
I am working on getting my nerve up to go back to school to finish two Bachelors Degrees that I was working on; Education and Business Administration. I do miss college and all the clubs I was involved in. During what little free time I have I enjoy reading, football, Nascar, crafts and sewing of any type. Orders are steady coming in to keep me even busier. 
Secretary - Stacy Burleson
Treasurer - Carl Hoeninger
Carl Hoeninger is a graduate of Missouri Western State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in History. He served in the United States Army for over 20 years. Upon retiring from the military, he entered the federal government service for the United States Army from where he retired in 2014. 

Mr. Hoeninger is a resident of Spotsylvania County since 2005. Ever since, he was actively involved in volunteering for many extra-curricular activities for the SCPS community. This includes cultural events as well as his engagement in supporting Softball in the region. Currently, Mr. Hoeninger serves as the President of the Spotsylvania Alpentaenzer folk dance group. He is also the treasurer of the Courtland High School PTSA.